Welcome to the first "Ryze To Your Peak" 60-day Transformation Challenge! This is an incredible chance to not only transform your body and reach those goals early in 2024, but also, to win cash or prizes simply for improving your physique! This challenge is open to anyone and everyone looking to make a change!

60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Ryze HRT


  • You're an individual looking to change your health and physique in the new year
  • You're a bodybuilder going into prep or mini cut / cleanup phase
  • You're a lifestyle client starting a dieting phase or recomp with a coach
  • Anyone we missed is welcome to join!

*Any athlete is welcome to participate regardless of team or coach affiliation and we will also have discounted coaching available to those who need structure and guidance!*


  • Sign up deadline: 2/9/2024
  • Challenge start date: 2/15/2024
  • Challenge end date: 4/15/2024
  • Winner announced: 4/20/24



  • Physique pictures - Before and After
  • Various bodily measurements (waist, arms, chest, thigh)
  • Body Weight Changes - Before and After


  • $25 entrance fee - entrance fees are placed in a pot that Ryze MATCHES at the end of the challenge - total is given to the grand prize winner!
    (Example: Entrance fees reach $250 - Ryze matches that to make the grand prize $500 cash.)
  • Click "Pay Now" below to proceed with paying the entry fee and completing the form.


  •  First place: final cash prize (total amount from entrees + Ryze matching) this will be $500 MINIMUM!
  • Second place: $100 MegaFit Meals Gift Card
  • Third place: $50 Ryze HRT Gift Card

FOR THOSE WHO WANT AN EDGE ON THE COMPETITION - Ryze is offering challenge participants:

  1. 30% off products & peptides from Ryze HRT
  2. Discounted lifestyle coaching through our affiliates.
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