Welcome to RyzeHormone Replacement Therapy, your premier destination for personalized wellness in Michigan. At Ryze, we're committed to redefining hormone replacement therapy, bridging the gap between functional and western medicine to provide comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs.

That’s why we are offering a broad range of services that include but aren’t limited to functional medicine, peptide therapy, autoimmune disease treatment, HRT for infertility and athletic optimization.

HRT for Males

The escalating prevalence of low testosterone in men is a critical health concern, supported by recent research indicating a substantial 40% decline in testosterone levels over the past 15 years. This decline is attributed to modern-day stressors, poor sleep habits, diminished food quality, and exposure to environmental toxins.

Traditional medicine's broad reference ranges, often overlooking sub-optimal levels, underscore the need for a functional medicine approach. At Ryze HRT, we prioritize a nuanced understanding of optimal testosterone, defining it between 800-1100ng/dl. Our tailored hormone replacement therapy prioritizes individual needs, addressing the root causes of low testosterone and promoting long-term well-being.

HRT for Females

In the contemporary landscape, women commonly grapple with hormone dysfunction from an early age, necessitating specialized and comprehensive care. Ryze HRT, with over a decade of expertise, is uniquely positioned to address the intricate dynamics of female hormones.

Beyond the conventional focus on testosterone and estrogen, our practitioners are adept at analyzing healthy progesterone levels, recognizing the profound impact on overall well-being. From managing low testosterone to alleviating estrogen dominance, our commitment lies in restoring optimal hormone balance, alleviating symptoms, and enhancing overall functionality.

HRT for Infertility

Globally, 48.5 million couples struggle with fertility issues, and our experienced staff has successfully assisted many facing similar challenges. Whether the difficulties stem from the male or female side, we're dedicated to developing a personalized protocol for you.

Our specialized Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for infertility is designed to address hormonal irregularities impacting reproductive processes. Conducting a thorough examination, our skilled medical team tailors an individualized HRT strategy, utilizing precise hormones to support normal reproductive function.

This highly personalized approach, considering your specific hormone profile and reproductive goals, can be integrated with procedures like intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) to enhance their efficiency.

Functional Health Services

Our commitment to functional health and well-being involves treating the root causes of dysfunction rather than merely addressing symptoms. That’s why our arsenal includes state-of-the-art testing applications such as Precision Dynamics Dutch Testing and GI Mapping, offering a deep dive into the intricacies of internal dynamics.

Armed with these innovative tests, we’re able to paint a clear picture of your body's unique dynamics. But we don't stop there. Ryze HRT is renowned for uncovering metabolic and gut dysfunctions that may elude conventional Western medicine.

Our holistic approach is a beacon of hope for those grappling with issues like GI dysfunction (IBS, IBD, Gastritis, GERD, acid reflux, or Colitis), systemic inflammation, hormonal imbalances, or metabolic dysfunction. We guide individuals toward optimized health and performance through a combination of natural supplementation, lifestyle adjustments, and dietary manipulations.

Beyond symptom resolution, our approach lays the foundation for a long, healthy life—a life where individuals regain control over their health and revel in an active, satisfying lifestyle.

Athletic Performance Optimization

Athletic Optimization Services

Ryze HRT's specialized athletic optimization programs are meticulously designed to foster continuous progress, aligning with individual goals. Our comprehensive approach encompasses coaching, peptide therapies, and targeted hormonal support, ensuring a synergistic and personalized strategy.

Rigorous testing forms the foundation of our individualized programs, including blood work performance panels and Dutch testing. Hormone replacement therapy, a cornerstone of our offerings, significantly enhances the body's responsiveness to exercise and dietary interventions, maximizing results.

Ryze HRT collaborates with top-tier coaches in the functional health and fitness industry, providing optional coaching programs that amplify the effectiveness of our advanced therapies. Your journey to optimal health and peak performance begins with Ryze HRT, where individualized programs are tailored to your unique goals and body requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hormone Replacement Therapy optimizes hormonal levels, addressing fatigue, low libido, and mood swings. For men, it enhances muscle mass and vitality, while in women, it manages menopausal symptoms, reduces heart disease risk, and supports bone health.

Peptide Therapy utilizes specialized compounds to reduce inflammation, aid muscle healing, assist in weight loss, and contribute to anti-aging effects. Ryze HRT offers personalized peptide therapy programs for individuals to experience diverse biological benefits.

Ryze HRT’s Functional Health goes beyond symptom management, uncovering root causes through advanced tests like Dutch testing and GI Mapping. This strategy creates tailored plans, addressing metabolic and gut dysfunctions often missed by traditional medicine.

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