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Introduction to Andropause: How to Deal With It

If there’s one chemical in the male body that plays a major role in its health, muscular strength, mental health, and sexual wellness, it’s testosterone. While both men and women rely on it for improved health and body functionality, men significantly benefit from it in their daily lives. It’s one of the key reasons many health practitioners encourage men to focus on lifestyle changes that’ll prevent the risk of low testosterone levels in their bodies. The failure to do so can eventually lead to them dealing with andropause.

Andropause is a significant cause of concern, especially among middle-aged or older male adults. It’s because dealing with andropause can be a challenge when you want to stay strong, fit, and energetic throughout different stages of life. It requires knowing what it means and its common symptoms.

Here’s everything you should know about it.

What is Andropause?

The simplest way to describe it is the decline of testosterone components in a man’s body. Similar to menopause in women, andropause occurs when a man starts aging and growing old. While it can naturally occur, sometimes it can happen due to stress, a traumatic accident, or a chronic disease.

Many healthcare practitioners who assist patients in dealing with andropause also refer to the problem as “low T syndrome”, “male androgen deficiency”, and other similar terms. Every patient undergoing andropause experiences its symptoms differently.

The Common Symptoms of Andropause

As an aging male adult, you should be able to recognize if and when you’re dealing with andropause. Some of the common symptoms of it include a low sex drive, fatigue, anger, and excessive frustration associated with low self-esteem.

These symptoms also worsen if men avoid getting checked or treated for their condition.

The Best Ways to Deal With It

Adopting healthy lifestyle changes, including a healthy diet along with a rigorous workout routine, can significantly help in dealing with andropause. You can further speed up the process and keep its symptoms at bay by considering male hormone replacement therapy that primarily targets andropause and its signs among men.

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